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Whether it be construction equipment or recovery equipment, there’s a huge array of equipment in which hydraulic cylinders play a major role. When these cylinders fail, the machine is left virtually unusable. In order to prevent the unexpected breakdown of hydraulic cylinders, we here at Neudorf Enterprises offer repair and inspection services for cylinders and hydraulic hoses of all kinds. Why let small hydraulic issues become big when we can fix them for you? By proactively inspecting your cylinders and repairing small issues, you’re lengthening the lifespan of your hydraulics and saving yourself money while doing it.

What causes hydraulic cylinder failure? 


Contaminated hydraulic fluid can cause a lot of damage to your hydraulic cylinders. Depending on the contaminant, your cylinder housing may end up scratched or warped. If the contaminant has the necessary chemical composition, you may even end up burning or chemically degrading the inner cylinder components. If you suspect your hydraulic lines have been contaminated, we highly recommend bringing your equipment to our shop for service. 

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If you are putting a lot of force on the hydraulic cylinder in a direction that it wasn’t designed to handle, you may end up damaging the cylinder. For example, a boom is designed for up and down pulling, not side-to-side pulling. Many people assume that hydraulic systems are immune to damage, and although they’re quite tough, they can still break if under enough pressure. 

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