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Is your truck pulling to the right? Are your tires starting to wear out unevenly? If you said yes to either of these questions, you likely need an alignment. A misalignment generally means your suspension and steering components aren’t lined up properly. If this is left unchecked, the extra stress and tension on your tierods and linkages may lead to damage and expensive repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. When you get your suspension and steering aligned, you’ll notice a wide array of benefits. First and foremost, your tires, suspension, and steering components will last significantly longer. Secondly, your handling will improve, and your ride quality will benefit greatly. You’ll also likely notice that any shakes or trembling in your steering rack have now disappeared.

What Causes Misalignment?

Misalignment can be caused by a wide array of events. The most common is by far age and use. Over time, components shift and come out of alignment. This is totally normal and isn’t a problem unless left misaligned for long periods of time. Other causes of misalignment include collisions with other vehicles and curbs, contact with debris from the road, and installation of new wheels and tires. 

What happens if I leave misalignment unchecked? 

If you leave your suspension and steering misaligned, you’re putting a lot of stress and tension on important parts. For example, if your toe angle is off, your tires will be trying to move in different directions. If your toe angle is off by even a fraction of a degree, your tie roads and linkages have to work very hard to keep up. This lowers their lifespan and increases the risk of an unexpected breakdown. 

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