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Nowadays, it can be difficult to find a shop willing to work on heavy equipment. Fortunately for anyone looking, we here at Neudorf Enterprises aren’t just willing to work on heavy equipment, but we actually love doing so! Repairing large machinery is our bread and butter! Whether you’ve got a damaged hydraulic boom or a blown diesel engine on your bulldozer, you can count on us to get the job done. Our services are fast, effective, and transparent. We’ll even repair your machinery right from your job site! Call today to book an appointment or to learn more.

Heavy-duty truck repairs by Neudorf Enterprises

Common Heavy Equipment Services

Blown Head Gasket

Contrary to popular belief, your engine block is actually two parts joined together. The first piece, the cylinder head, and the second part, your cylinder block, are joined together using a gasket. This gasket allows each piece to expand and contract when at different temperatures. If your engine overheats for a prolonged period of time, this gasket may blow. Common symptoms of a blown head gasket include white smoke coming from your exhaust, poor fuel economy, and mass consumption of engine coolant.

Stuck EGR Valve

When an EGR valve gets stuck open, far too much of your exhaust is being recirculated into your combustion chamber. This higher-than-normal flow drops the combustion temperature far too low and can stifle the presence of oxygen. This combination often leads to performance issues, fuel economy issues, and an incredibly rough idle.

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