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DOT inspections are incredibly important. Not only do they ensure you’re complying with the DOT’s rules and regulations, but they make sure your heavy-duty vehicle is safe to operate on public roadways. After all, when a heavy-duty truck isn’t operating properly, it puts its driver and everyone around it on the road in danger. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient DOT inspections. If you pass, we’ll provide you with the necessary paperwork and certifications, and if you don’t, we’ll offer you our vast array of repair and replacement services.

Heavy-duty truck repairs by Neudorf Enterprises

What Does a DOT Inspection Cover? 

Safety Equipment

The primary purpose of a DOT inspection is to ensure your safety equipment is all functioning properly. Safety equipment includes but isn’t limited to your seatbelts, airbags, navigation lights, steering system, and brake systems. Anything that ensures you and others on the road are safe is included within this part of the inspection. 

Emissions Control Systems

Another major part of your DOT inspection is your emissions control systems. In order to pass, all of your emissions control components must be functioning properly. These components include your EGR system, your DPF, your SCR catalyst, and your DOC. 

Common problems that may cause your heavy-duty truck to fail the inspection include a stuck EGR valve, a clogged DPF, an SCR catalyst with a malfunctioning DEF injector, and other similar problems. 

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