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All of the moving components in your vehicle need oil and fluids of some kind in order to function properly. Most fluids are responsible for lubricating parts, whereas others are responsible for absorbing heat. Regardless of the purpose, these fluids tend to break down over time and need to be changed regularly. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, we offer oil and fluid services of all kinds. We even offer express lube services for those that don’t have time to leave their truck in the shop for prolonged periods of time. You can count on us to get your oil and fluids changed in no time! Call today to make an appointment.

Heavy-duty truck repairs by Neudorf Enterprises

Components That Require Coolant

Heavy-duty Engine

Your heavy-duty engine uses liquid coolant to keep it at an adequate temperature when running. This coolant is pumped through your engine block by a heavy-duty water pump. Your coolant then absorbs radiant heat and disperses it through a heavy-duty radiator. Like every other liquid exposed to heat, your coolant will eventually break down and become less effective at absorbing your engine’s radiant heat. 

Components That Require Lubrication

Heavy-duty Engine

Your heavy-duty engine uses oil to lubricate its moving components. This oil tends to break down a lot quicker than other lubricants, meaning you need to change it a lot more than others. Most manufacturers recommend changing your engine oil every 3 to 6 thousand miles, depending on how hard you work your truck. Why does engine oil break down a lot faster than other lubricants, you may ask? Well, your engine is the only component that has a combustion chamber, meaning it gets significantly hotter than any other component. The hotter your oil gets, the weaker it gets. 

Transmission and Differentials

Your transmission and differentials both house an array of moving gears. These gears need to be lubricated at all times in order to function properly. Fortunately, this lubricant doesn’t need to be changed nearly as often as your engine oil. Most manufacturers recommend changing these fluids around 60 thousand miles.

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