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Are you looking for a full-service heavy-duty repair shop that performs high-quality services in an efficient and cost-effective manner? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, we offer a wide selection of emissions control services that are bound to meet your every want and need. Whether you’ve got a busted EGR valve or a clogged DPF, you’ll find the right services for you here.

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How does an EGR system work? 

Your EGR system is designed to limit the number of nitrogen oxides produced within your combustion chamber. To do this, your engine recirculates some of your engine’s exhaust back through a cooler and into your combustion chamber. This cooled exhaust lowers your combustion temperature, therefore reducing the production of nitrogen oxides. For those that aren’t familiar, the hotter your combustion chamber gets, the more nitrogen oxides are produced. 

What happens if my EGR valve gets stuck open?

When an EGR valve gets stuck open, far too much of your exhaust is being recirculated into your combustion chamber. This higher-than-normal flow drops the combustion temperature far too low and can stifle the presence of oxygen. This combination often leads to performance issues, fuel economy issues, and an incredibly rough idle. 

Can a DPF get clogged? 

Yes. Your DPF is designed to capture soot and other debris in order to protect our natural environment. However, since the capacity of your DPF is finite, you may need to clean it out once every 200 thousand miles. Cleaning your DPF is far cheaper than replacing it, for a replacement costs up to 5 grande in parts alone. Fortunately, we here at Neudorf Enterprises offer DPF cleaning services!

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