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Your drivetrain is a complex series of driveshafts, drive axles, and differentials that are designed to transfer power from your engine to your wheels. Your drivetrain starts with your transmission, where the power from your engine is optimized. From here, your power is transferred to your differential using a spinning driveshaft. From your differential, your power is moved to your wheels using drive axles. If you need heavy-duty drivetrain services, Neudorf Enterprises is the best shop in town. Give us a call, and we’ll book you an appointment.

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Important Drivetrain Components


Your differentials are responsible for transferring power from your driveshaft to your axles. Differentials operate based on the path of least resistance. This means the wheel with less resistance gets the majority of the power. To put this into perspective, if one of your wheels lifts up into the air, it’s going to get 100% of the power. 

It’s important to note that not all differentials operate based on the path of least resistance. Differentials with locking pins, or limited-slip differentials, counteract the resistance factor and ensure power goes to both wheels. This allows for trucks to drive over uneven terrains, such as logging roads and construction sites. 


Your heavy-duty transmission is the first and most important part of your drivetrain. It’s responsible for optimizing your engine’s power to ensure maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Your transmission requires routine transmission fluid changes and can often have its own coolant system. If you need transmission service, you’ve come to the right place. Visit our transmission repair and maintenance page for more information. 

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