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Heavy-duty trucks use brake systems that are a lot more complex than most passenger vehicles. Although these systems are generally quite tough, the sheer complexity of air-based brakes means there are more ways in which they can brake. Fortunately, as long as you routinely maintain and inspect them, you shouldn’t have any problems. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, we offer a large selection of maintenance and repair services that are sure to meet your every need. Whether you’ve got brakes that need to be repaired or would like to proactively inspect your air lines and compressors, we’ve got you covered.

Heavy-duty truck repairs by Neudorf Enterprises

Symptoms of Malfunctioning Brakes

Nose Diving

If the front of your heavy-duty vehicle dives when braking hard, chances are your rear brakes aren’t working properly. This is likely due to poor compressed air flow or seized calipers. Since the rear wheels of your heavy-duty vehicle aren’t slowing the rear of the truck, your heavy-duty vehicle’s momentum travels forward, hence the diving. By repairing the rear brakes, your truck will no longer dive. We highly recommend getting this done as soon as possible, for your front brakes will be under significant stress every time you brake. 

Loud Brakes

If you hear loud screeching sounds every time you brake, you likely need to swap out your old brake pads. When you hit the brakes, compressed air is used to compress your calipers into your brake rotor. Between the caliper and rotor are brake pads. When these pads wear down, you’re left with metal-on-metal contact, hence the loud screeching. Be sure to get this checked out as soon as possible, for this metal-on-metal contact may damage both your caliper and brake rotor. 

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