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MOC Products Company, Inc. (MOC®) is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions to the automotive industry. MOC® started manufacturing and distributing a handful of professional car-care products in 1954. Today MOC® maintains and manufactures over 300 products, tools, and customized service-drive programs. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we operate regional facilities throughout the United States and have a network of Distributors covering the US, Latin America, and numerous foreign countries. A constant effort to provide unique and beneficial customer services is at the heart of our growth.



Lifetime Protection:

Vehicles must have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer, be less than ten years of age (as of January 1st of the model year of the vehicle) and have had the initial product added or service performed within this period.


$4,000 coverage if the initial service is before 50,000 miles.


$2,000 coverage if the initial service is between 50,001 & 100,000 miles.


Maintaining Coverage:

Visit a qualified MOC Dealer and have one of our qualifying services performed for lifetime coverage on your vehicle.


Waiting Period:

Vehicle protection becomes effective only after 60 days or 750 miles, whichever occurs last.


Services offered and intervals:

Engine - Every 10,000 Miles

Brakes - Every 30,000 Miles

Fuel System - Every 15,000 Miles

Cooling System - Every 30,000 Miles

Transmission - Every 30,000 Miles

Driveline - Every 30,000 Miles

Power Steering - Every 30,000 Miles

Headlight Restoration - as needed.

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