Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my HVAC airflow so bad?

Poor airflow is usually caused by a clogged cabin air filter. This filter is commonly overlooked, for many think that your engine air filter serves the same purpose. Although this is true in rare circumstances, cabin air filters are very common among modern diesel trucks. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, we’ll replace your cabin air filter and return your airflow back to normal. If you’re confident your air filter is fine, bring your truck in, and we’ll inspect your duct system for blockages.

Can a DPF get clogged?

Yes. Your DPF is designed to capture soot and other debris in order to protect our natural environment. However, since the capacity of your DPF is finite, you may need to clean it out once every 200 thousand miles. Cleaning your DPF is far cheaper than replacing it, for a replacement costs up to 5 grande in parts alone. Fortunately, we here at Neudorf Enterprises offer DPF cleaning services!

What happens if my EGR valve gets stuck open?

When an EGR valve gets stuck open, far too much of your exhaust is being recirculated into your combustion chamber. This higher-than-normal flow drops the combustion temperature far too low and can stifle the presence of oxygen. This combination often leads to performance issues, fuel economy issues, and an incredibly rough idle.

Does Neudorf Enterprises offer roadside assistance?

Fortunately for anyone stranded on the side of the road, we offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. We’ll come to your location and get your truck fixed up. Whether you’ve got a coolant leak or a blown tire, our mobile operators have the tools and equipment needed to get you back out on the road.

Why do my fuses keep blowing?

Fuses are designed to protect your heavy-duty vehicle’s electrical system from excessive electrical current. When excess current travels through them, they’ll break the circuit, therefore protecting your vehicle’s electrical system from harm. Here at Neudorf Enterprises, not only will we locate and replace blown fuses, but we’ll identify and repair what caused them to blow in the first place. Blown fuses are usually caused by malfunctioning components.

Why are my brakes super loud?

If you hear loud screeching sounds every time you brake, you likely need to swap out your old brake pads. When you hit the brakes, compressed air is used to compress your calipers into your brake rotor. Between the caliper and rotor are brake pads. When these pads wear down, you’re left with metal-on-metal contact, hence the loud screeching. Be sure to get this checked out as soon as possible, for this metal-on-metal contact may damage both your caliper and brake rotor.